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From: St 
Date: 13 Sep 2007 04:02:31
Message: <46e8ee97$1@news.povray.org>
"Markus Altendorff" <maa### [at] anthrosphinxde> wrote in message 

>> --------------------------
>>  Please confirm the following scenario for the next November - January 
>> competition:
>>  - 17th October : New topic available for members
>>  - 1st November : New uploads allowed
>>  - 17th December : End of uploads disallowed
>>  - 18th December : Scoring/rating allowed
>>  - 31st December : Competition ends
>> -------------------------
> This should work - you did notice this seems to be effectively just a case 
> of "shifting the timeframe back by two weeks"? ;)

     Yes, I did. ;)  There must be some inherent coders' problem with doing 
it the other way around, because believe me, if Colin could, he would.

> I mean:
> Time to work on it: 10/17th - 12/17th = two months.
> Time to vote: 12/17th - 12/31st = two weeks.
> For the entrants, the competition doesn't end on 31st - it ends on the 
> 17th when the uploads are halted.

    But, it's still two months. Basically, it's just a matter of getting 
used to it. As I said, I have no problem with this system because if 
everyone works like me, (and I'm sure they do), then not a lot of work is 
done in those first two weeks anyway. Yes, experimenting, a little modelling 
here and there, checking what type of lights you might need or want, setting 
up a story-line, etc., goes on, I'm sure. But this need not hinder your 
present project, and in some cases it may even help your present project 
because you may discover that a different lighting set-up is better than the 
one you presently have for example.

   And then, when you have uploaded your work, you have all the time in the 
world to comment and vote on ALL images and animations, producing a much 
fairer result.

> It's the same as the IRTC timeframes, except there it was 15th instead of 
> 17th. :)
> I'm fine with that.

     Thank you Markus. :)


> -Markus

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