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  Re: Some strange activity on IRTC  
From: St 
Date: 13 Sep 2007 03:36:20
Message: <46e8e874$1@news.povray.org>
"Karl Anders" <kar### [at] webde> wrote in message 
> Hi all,
> seems as if somebody cleared it.

   Hi Karl, I believe it was cleared the very next day.

> As a non-native speaker of english ( I'm german, in fact ) I may have the
> wrong associations with "The Mother Hive"; any helpful pointers here?

    Well, firstly, it's a book title by Rudyard Kipling, and basically, you 
can interpret that actual title in any way that you want as long as it has 
'something' to do with that title. For instance, it could be a Sci-Fi scene 
in space where all the battleships are going home to the 'Mother Hive' ship 
after a long and hard war. It could be an actual bee-keepers hive with bee's 
swarming all over the place, or, you could create a scene from an actual 
extract from the book itself, (it's online), and interpret it in your own 

      As long as it has something to do with the title, it will be ok. I 
like this approach, because in theory, it should produce very different 
images and animations.

      Btw, when I get to be able to edit the front page, there will be a 
description next to the new subject in future.


> Thanks in advance
> Karl

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