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  Re: Confirmation email  
From: St 
Date: 4 Jul 2007 09:06:28
Message: <468b9b54$1@news.povray.org>
"Markus Altendorff" <maa### [at] panoramasde> wrote in message 
> St. wrote:
>> "Markus Altendorff" <maa### [at] anthrosphinxde> wrote in message

>>      YIKES! Damn Broadband! Well spotted Markus! They loaded so quick for 
>> me, I didn't bother looking. Ok, this will be sorted.
> (warning: OT following ;)
> Nice to hear. Man, i thought i had broadband. Imagine my frustration that 
> someone has a bigger broadband than me :)

     Well, I've got a max of 8Mb's this end, but it's usually 6-7Mb's, and 
sometimes less than 5.

> I'm feeling inadequate.
> *sigh*

     Yeah, I felt like that when I was on dialup. I actually plugged my 
dialup connection back in a few weeks ago just to see what it was like 
again, and man, am I SO glad that I got BB!  :o)

> Gotta order me a big fat computer instead.
> Ooops, did that yesterday... :)

> Hope it arrives on time to be helpful for my animation... the biggest 
> scene planned has four characters in it, and "us" abstraction-impaired 
> (read: using point-clicky-mouse-thing for 3d instead of doing it properly 
> with pen, paper and slide rule ;) tend to use up all available CPU and 
> then some...

  Oh, isn't it a great feeling when it's all set up and running and all 
shiny new! You don't want to breathe on the thing, let alone touch it! :o)

> (quoted from memory and userfriendly.org : (character is playing Unreal on 
> some older machine) "Is this some kind of slideshow?" ;)

   Ooo, sounds good!


> -M

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