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From: St 
Date: 2 Jul 2007 03:50:46
Message: <4688ae56$1@news.povray.org>
"dbott" <dbo### [at] eastsoundsuitescom> wrote in message 
>I feel odd in the stills group...kinda out of place...you know, when you 
> at a
> party with a friend and don't know anyone...........Well I just stop bye 
> to
> express
> what was troubling me from the beginning of your new competition.

> There is one month to go for the completion of the animations.

   Darin, no, the end of the animations is August 31st, don't forget that 
it's 4 monthly now. You may want to work on it some more?

> My Black Robe animation is done and I want to know if I am at the right 
> party.

  Yes, you're at the right party alright, just don't go home early, that's 
all.  :o)


> I'll find my own way out,
>    Thank you
>          Darin Bottner

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