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  Re: Entry Comments  
From: St 
Date: 10 May 2007 14:58:48
Message: <46436b68@news.povray.org>
"Shay" <shay@s.s> wrote in message news:464272f4$1@news.povray.org...
> St. wrote:
>>     Bizarre idea's?? Moi?? You've seen Slotty then. :)
> You asked in my "...geeks only?" thread in p.b.i. if I had seen your
> cgsphere stuff. I took a look and eventually replied, but it was after I
> had been away at work, so you may not have seen the reply.

     I did, I did, damn, I did too see your reply, I remember now. I 
remember wanting to answer, but just didn't. I don't know why, but maybe I 
was feeling down at the time.

>>     BUT, if you meant for me to introduce more challenges in the TC-RTC,
>> then yes, this is planned.
> I was talking about crazy images.

    Oh, *those* CRAZY images! Yeah, there's plenty more to come...  ;)

> As far as the TC-RTC goes, everything looks great. I was past time for
> someone interested (and accessible!) to take the reins. Run with it, man!

    I'm running hard, I'm runnin' fast, how long, will my persuers last?

    ~Steve~   ;)

> -Shay

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