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  Re: Entry Comments  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 10 May 2007 04:49:53
Message: <4642dcb1@news.povray.org>
"Shay" <shay@s.s> schreef in bericht news:4641e787$1@news.povray.org...
> General:
> I'm guessing topic is a hangup for people, because several recent posts
> to p.b.i. are more visually exciting than most of the images here.
> Artists who get excited about their subjects *find* a way to make great
> looking images. Search the p.b.i. group for non-photoreal images from
> Alex Kluchikov or Veijo Vilva for examples of this.
This is an interesting idea on which I feel I have to say something. I said 
somewhere in a much earlier thread about the IRTC that competition topics 
can be stimulating to one's own creativity but can also distract you from 
what you really want to pursue. It's a kind of double-edged sword in my 
view. Once you have decided to try your hand at a topic, it becomes 
unrelenting as it will draw out the best (or the worst) in you. If you are a 
good artist, you will overcome the shortcomings with your creative (and 
technical) talents; if you are an average artist (and I consider myself to 
belong to that category) the danger is that you will more often than not be 
dominated or controlled by the boundaries of your talents. This is not a 
pessimistic view, but I consider it of prime importance to discover my own 
(limited) talents and boundaries, and struggle day after day  to drive those 
boundaries back, at the same time trying to stimulate my creativity into new 
unbounded blossoms, as it were. When I look back at my work over the past 
ten years, I am moderately satisfied with the results.
So, yes. More visually exciting images are certainly on show in p.b.i., but 
as I said, they are not restrained by the necessary boundaries of a topic 
but only by the artist's own talents. And real talents there are!! And Alex 
Kluchikov and Veijo Vilva are most certainly amongst them.

> "A Time of Change" by Thomas de Groot
> The bad isn't nearly as bad as the good is good, but it's a shame the
> good has to share the picture with the less stellar elements. Nice
> storytelling and a nice story. You have established identities for the
> plane checker and "conformist", even after so few appearances.
I think you have said exactly how I feel myself about thes images.


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