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From: Shay
Date: 9 May 2007 11:23:51
Message: <4641e787$1@news.povray.org>
I'm guessing topic is a hangup for people, because several recent posts
to p.b.i. are more visually exciting than most of the images here.
Artists who get excited about their subjects *find* a way to make great
looking images. Search the p.b.i. group for non-photoreal images from
Alex Kluchikov or Veijo Vilva for examples of this.

"But which came first?" by David Lewis
A chain-smoking hen contemplates the nature of her existence. The models
and textures are crude (straws look like cigarettes to me), though you
did nail the expression on the chicken's face. The premise does work,
but it's a very tired premise. Maybe I just have no appreciation for the

"Mild nudity" by Bill Pragnell
I guess the "retro 90s" impression I had of your last entry might very
well have been intentional, because this is a nice looking render. Boring.

"The Passing Away" by Malcolm Findlay
You use some lyrical language in your topic description. This of course
helps get people to pay attention to what you have to say. Pictures are
no different. This topic may resonate with you, but artists have used
the topic ..well... to death. A LOT of lyricism would be necessary to
draw attention to your rendering of such an overused topic.

"yarsocp" by Tek
The most photo-realistic image and best looking marble I recall having
seen from POV-Ray.

"Aging" by William Tracy
The few things in the image are modeled and rendered well. Attractive
and not boring. There is something to be said for a presentation that
doesn't even try to be dramatic. Or, given your topic description, tries
and fails so miserably that the effort isn't even evident (a small
joke). I would suggest searching the p.b.images group for Jim Charter's
shoe and African mask studies.

"First cup" by Mike C
A good amount of details. As others have said, not especially visually
stimulating, but not boring either. The scene definitely does what it
was meant to do.

"Reganomics" by Brian Price
I don't know if it's the scene itself of that it's set in the 80s, but
the (as Tek put it) "naive CG" look works for the image on the right.
For that matter, it doesn't really fail for the image on the left. This
gets your point across, but it's a common political statement and put
very bluntly.

"A Time of Change" by Thomas de Groot
The bad isn't nearly as bad as the good is good, but it's a shame the
good has to share the picture with the less stellar elements. Nice
storytelling and a nice story. You have established identities for the
plane checker and "conformist", even after so few appearances.

"This to that" by Steve Paget
Can't help it. I'm a lot more interested in seeing what's in the photo
of your real workshop than in seeing the render. Nice models, though. A
diamond in the semi-rough? Still waiting for the appearance of your
bizarre ideas like Slotty into the Challenge.


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