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  Re: Before and After and new website  
From: William Tracy
Date: 1 May 2007 15:43:16
Message: <46379854$1@news.povray.org>
Very nice.

In my mind, the standout images are "Just a Splash" (mild nudity? More 
like full frontal nudity, but whatever) by Bill Pragnell (love the 
lighting--I just wish that the girl's hair didn't levitate over her 
shoulders in the "after" frame); Tek's YARSOCP (if I hadn't seen the WIP 
images, I would swear that was a photo); and Thomas de Groot's "Time of 
Change" (ooh, recurring characters! I could wish for some more detailed 
textures, but, dang, two complete full-sized detailed scenes? Wow!).

Shay's "A Type of Typewriter" is also *very* nice, although I don't 
quite see the "before and after" them in it. (Like I should talk... :-P)

William Tracy

You know you've been raytracing too long when you wake up to find you 
have already coded half your scene file in your sleep.

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