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Date: 27 Apr 2007 00:30:34
Message: <46317c6a@news.povray.org>

  I know you're hassled by what's happening, but I can assure you that all 
is well. Our new website will be ready for the next Stills round of "The 
Black Robe", (which I'm personally looking forward to participate in). And, 
although the website won't show it for now, Animations will also be included 
and will be set up and ready for submissions towards the end of August.

 At present, there are a small number of testers weeding out some bugs to 
kill, (and I thank you very much guys), and sure enough, they found some. 

  I'm sure these minor things will be fixed this weekend, and hopefully, by 
Tuesday, you can all have a peak. BUT, don't strike me down if it isn't 
ready by then! There may be a few days lee-way.

     So, you all know the next topic, get your thinking caps on!   :o)


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