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  Re: Late comments.  
From: shay
Date: 13 Apr 2007 05:11:31
Message: <461f4943@news.povray.org>
shay wrote:
> And "pretty much it" pretty much defines how I'm trying to change my
> perspective on RTC entries.

Up late after a great night, still working on my 'before and after'
entry, and I want to elaborate on what I said earlier.

When I see a good local band, as I did tonight, my first thought is that
I aught to go home and practice with my guitar afterwards. I practice
often with the hope of becoming at least good enough to compose basic
music for the many songs I write, but, truth is, guitar doesn't come
easily to me and I will likely never be capable of playing anything

Second thought: "Hey, wait a second! There IS something which does come
easily to me and in which I am VERY practiced." So, I often come home
intending to create something extraordinary in POV-Ray.

And where are all of these extraordinary pictures? Often posted to this
board, but they are only extraordinary in my attachment to them. I
inevitably cross the line of diminishing (to the viewer) return. I
become attached because of the amount of work and energy expended, even
when far less would have pleased everyone but myself just as much. As an
example, if you're anything at all like me in this respect, your Tina
Chep entry would have more significance to you had you modeled the
figures specifically for it, imagining as you did that the height of
each figure or the style of buttons on his jacket contributed in some
way to the overall effect. To the viewer, it doesn't make a bit of

Mine is a perspective that works for me, but I really want to step away
from that mindset just long enough to contribute something to this new
incarnation of the IRTC. Something which, even if I'm not especially
attached to it, will make people think, "You know, it's not just the
kiddie pool over there, those POV-Ray guys have something interesting or
high quality to offer." I think you've managed that here without going
so deep that you get into nasty things like a hyper-critical (of your
own work at first, then others') frame of mind.


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