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  Re: Late comments.  
From: shay
Date: 12 Apr 2007 16:47:23
Message: <461e9adb$1@news.povray.org>
Jim Charter wrote:

> On any given occasion you are stuck at whatever skill level
> you have,... but you still want to tell the story.

I'm questioning will, not skill. Look back at the IRTC rounds from 1996
when render (thus development) times were Hellish for even simple CG models.

It would delight me if Steve changed the name from RTContest to
RTChallenge. Let this have the spirit of a five mile race. Sure, someone
will win, but even the last person across the finish line will have run
five miles. Five miles isn't THAT much, is it?

> the passion-for-craft.
> It has it's fatuous side,

Uhhhhgh. How *much* *much* time did I spend on that damn pagoda?

> it has its obsessive-compulsive side too.

Uhhhhgh. How *much* *much* time did I spend on that damn pagoda?

>> rather than just trying to bend topics to my personal ends.
> When that is done cynically it rarely works.  You must give yourself
> up to the topic.  That is the truth of the situation.  But the thing
> is, that is lived out by different people in different ways.

I do this sincerely and in good faith. I'm just as reluctant to bore as
I am to be bored, but there is something to be said for playing along,
getting some nice looking renders into the higher rankings, and enjoying
the race.

>> I thought it at first to be a group of hunters or
>> travelers disappearing into history. Transience definitely
>> comes across.
> That was pretty much it.

And "pretty much it" pretty much defines how I'm trying to change my
perspective on RTC entries. I'm sure it occurred to you that you could
have told a similar story in a more comples OR more minimal way, but
this would have presented additional time- and energy-consuming
challenges for diminishing (in the viewer's perspective) returns. Here,
it seems you've allowed the theme to settle into its natural niche.
Doing otherwise might very likely have meant no one would have seen it
at all. Eleven isn't a lot of entries. Just a few fewer and this would
not have been a success.


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