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  Re: Late comments.  
From: Jim Charter
Date: 12 Apr 2007 14:42:57
Message: <461e7db1@news.povray.org>
Shay wrote:
> Late comments. Started this before I left for work but didn't finish.
> Back now, so ...

Late in some sense I guess, but always appreciated.  Considering the 
pictures after the dust has settled and the excitement is over

> 'This is a knot, checkered, on a plane' by Bill P.:
> This was a nice topic for a person interested in knots. Your's is a
> thematically simple image with a decent amount of polish. The
> presentation with the rippling reflection effect definitely recalls the
> "neat-o" feeling we all got with our first look at a ray-traced chrome
> sphere. Unfortunately, along with the warmth of familiarity comes the
> choking sensation of over-familiarity. Not sure if the retro 90s look is
> intentional. Bitter sweet.

Retro 90s already??? :0


> Where's the evolution? A neat idea, but the figure does not evolve at
> all. This unfortunately does reflect the evolution of most POVers in
> that the standards are so low that only a handful bother to spend more
> than a few hours putting something together. This is not a comment on
> your or any POVers skill, rather a comment on the unwillingness to
> invest more time/energy than most do.

Yet it is a nice take on the perpetual problem of depictional means.  On 
any given occasion you are stuck at whatever skill level you have,... 
but you still want to tell the story.


> I've never tried Poser. The characters are posed very convincingly, but
> their distorted arms and details like the low resolution of Tina's
> sphere take away a lot from an otherwise very nice image. The story is
> very well narrated. I imagine the background character as one who has
> passed the plane checker and is now burdened with guilt over her own
> conformity.

LOL, always the maverick, Shay, always the maverick.


> 'HERE'S LOOKING AT HUES, KID' by Michael Chelmecki:
> These kinds of themes are tough. There's some cleverness, but no humor
> or challenge. There really is nothing to take from this on an emotional
> level, so the image must be visually stunning to leave an impression.
> Some nice modeling techniques in all three, but I personally took
> nothing away from having seen them.

Yes, but personally I always allow for the passion-for-craft.  It has 
it's fatuous side, but I wlways give it the nod in the edge.  I guess 
because it has its obsessive-compulsive side too.

> 'Tina entertains the boys at the POV Club' by ~Steve~:
> After having heard about the Tina Chep topic, my first idea for
> interpretation was "this is not a checkered plane (of existence)",
> meaning that we are not living in a world where the distinction between
> black and white (right and wrong) is clearly delineated.  Not sure if
> it's intentional, but your image and description do lend themselves to
> this interpretation.

Yes, it is a simple image that pries at complexities.  One time, while I 
was sitting in my little programmers' suit, (Hugo Boss, a nice liquid 
black-blue, european cut, tapered from the shoulder, pegged cuffs,) in 
my little programmer's chair, in my little programmer's cubicle, on the 
67th floor of the WTC, my project leader, a very prim, proper, 
emmaculately groomed, Korean woman, came up to me and asked me what I 
thought about pornographic videos.  Ummmm...????

> 'This is not a checkered plane' by Jim C.:
> Your scene is an example of what I want to do in future rounds of the
> new RTC. A nice take on the topic and a quality pic most likely produced
> in a reasonable, non-life-stopping amount of time. 

Thanks.  It takes attention not to get sucked in too deep.

> going on rather than just trying to bend topics to my personal ends.

When that is done cynically it rarely works.  You must give yourself up 
to the topic.  That is the truth of the situation.  But the thing is, 
that is lived out by different people in different ways.

> Additionally, you've managed a trick for which I cannot promise to
> always try; You've made an image that is on topic yet still relevant
> outside of the competition.

Thanks again.  I think you have to just take what comes.

> As far as the picture itself, I can't really tell what elements are "in
> phase" with others. 

There are some ambiguous moments but I think they derive from how are 
perception works, you know, the old which line is shorter sort of thing, 
and from certain vagaries, such as how a line in the snow might coincide 
with the edge of a checker etc.

I thought it at first to be a group of hunters or
> travelers disappearing into history. Transience definitely comes across.

That was pretty much it.


> An IRTC entry in the traditional mold. Lots of stuff. Ran out of time
> for tweaking, but this is the right track for the kind of unambiguously
> quality images that often do and should win contests like these.


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