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  Re: Pseudo IRTC - TINA CHeP Entries  
From: Steve Shelby
Date: 10 Mar 2007 09:37:56
Message: <45f2c2c4$1@news.povray.org>
I finally have some time to write a few words. I feel kind of like an 
outsider, since I never wrote in during the whole discussion about what to 
do about IRTC, but I was reading with interest the whole time. It's been 
over a year since I last entered, and I wasn't interested this time until 
this new idea was sprouted (TINA CHeP). It allowed me to make something 
simple ( I don't like making complicated scenes, and it seems that the ones 
that win are usually the most complicated). My 2mice entry was just sort of 
a long-term stream of conciousness exercise, and was not intended to have 
anything even slightly serious to say. I appreciate all of your comments 
about it.
This topic left so much room for interpretation, the variety in the 11 
entries is quite amazing. I don't have enough time to write about all of 
them at length, like some of you have.
I really like Andrey's for the way he did the rough-looking painted squares. 
I had to read the txt to find out how it was done. So simple, but so 
I was immediately struck by Mike C's image there next to mine, using the 
same pun of the plane. It made me laugh.
Bill's Knot is impressive technically, and I love the pun it the title.
Steve's Tina...wow! how do I join the POV Club? The floor and the lighting 
are really cool. Side note: I'm so old, the last time I was in such an 
establishment, pole dancing hadn't been invented yet.
Malcolm, Thomas, Verm, Jim, Bruno, I liked all of your entries, too. I just 
don't have the time to comment on all of them individually.
Steve Shelby
kill plants, but cannibals are

"St." <dot### [at] dotcom> wrote in message news:45e69395$2@news.povray.org...
>  Good morning IRTCers!
>   Here you can view the entries for the Pseudo IRTC Stills topic - TINA 
> CHeP (This Is Not A CHeckered Plane):
>     http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/3dextra/
>    There are no losers in this stand-in round, only winners. (Hey, and 
> that includes me! Cool!)  ;)
>     Thanks to those that entered, they are all great images.
>       Enjoy!  :o)
>      ~Steve~

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