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  Re: Pseudo IRTC - TINA CHeP Entries  
From: Verm
Date: 9 Mar 2007 11:19:29
Message: <45f18911$1@news.povray.org>
St. wrote:
>   Good morning IRTCers!
>    Here you can view the entries for the Pseudo IRTC Stills topic - TINA 
> CHeP (This Is Not A CHeckered Plane):
>      http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/3dextra/
Many thanks for hosting and organising this.

Finally got a chance to try to comment.
I was particularly struck by the wide variety of styles of the images.

I think my favourite images were Steve Shelby's mice - you just can't go 
wrong with cute cartoon animals and bad puns, and Bill Pragnell's knot, 
but I liked all of the others too.
Malcolm's "Evolution of TINA CheP" : I liked the concept and the 
simple(ish) setting works nicely. I'd almost have been tempted to give 
one of the mannequins a spear, and if they could have smoothly 
uncurled/morphed from the sphere... no I like it as it is.
Thomas's "Perils of Tina" : Another take on the concept that made me 
grin and some impressively expressive figures. I'm not quite sure what's 
happening between the two central figures but it makes you look again.
Andrey's "Crash" : Nice "simple" looking image that works very well.
My (Verm's) tc2

I ran out of time with both the image and the description as I was away 
for then end of Feb and beginning of March.

The scene was composed and designed from a player's point of view 
sitting behind the board locked in an underground vault with someone 
coming in from a tunnel to the left but the composition didn't work.

I asked a colleague's opinion and his response was "well if I was 
photographing that scene...." so I moved the camera half a dozen times 
until we ended up with the scene shown. He's an amateur photographer and 
said he enjoyed the process of "taking pictures without a camera" :-)

I'm glad you liked the concept and amused it worked out nicely from the 
last minute change of viewpoint.

The textures still need work: I think the board needs blurred 
reflections and although I'm pleased I got my procedural brick patterns 
to work they're currently far too clean looking for an old brick vault.

The knight's hiding behind the king. (I made a nice knight but he's a 
totally different style to the other pieces.)

As I said the end result wasn't stunning but I had fun learnt and 
finished my first purely imaginary scene, so thanks again for running 
the round.
Steve's "Tina entertains..." : Tsk Tsk, you're definately showing her in 
a bad light :- ).
Mike's "Here's looking at hues, kid" : Nice scene, very nice modelling 
and very on topic.
Jim's "This is not a checkered plane" : I was intrigued and almost 
frustrated wanting to see through the chequers to the figures :-)
Malcolm's TC Spheres : retro image with nice ripples.
Bruno's "Povlab" : obviously far better in the big format in pbi (or 
even in the large format scaled down to avoid the aliasing) and then 
there's so much to look at. One thing ... would refraction have made the 
light sabre case look more glass like? (I know the scene was only just 
finished in time and was very slow to render but I was just wondering...)

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