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  Re: Pseudo IRTC - TINA CHeP Entries  
From: Jim Charter
Date: 4 Mar 2007 00:51:18
Message: <45ea5e56$1@news.povray.org>
Bill Pragnell wrote:

> Steve's "Tina entertains..."

> mid-eighties Russian computer-gamey ;-) but I have to say, I didn't
> immediately notice that Tina is completely naked - 

The little strumpet!!!  I'd thought the leaves in her hair was a printed 

> Mike's "Here's looking at hues, kid"
> The plane puts me in mind of the Indian haulage business. I once travelled
> across India, and was struck by how colourfully all the truck-drivers
> decorated their vehicles, seemingly by coating every available surface with
> glue and dipping the whole affair into a lucky dip of plastic flowers,
> swirly paint and very small shrines to the Hindu Gods.


> - but no - all CSG! Brilliant. Wise move toning down the photorealism too.

The stylization here I find extremely compelling

> Jim's "This is not a checkered plane"

Thankyou for the kind words.  Yes the image did have a recurring scifi 
attraction for me.  Like the opening shot of a movie where some sort of 
multidimensional sensor picks up an intruder, or a multidimensional 
intruder endangers a isolated human or, or...

though a sense of the transience of humans, accentuated by hostile 
environs, as starting point for rumination (as you say), was probably 
the more enduring thing I had in mind.  As usually with me, I got pretty 
far afield from the original intensions of the topic.

> Bruno's "Povlab"

I'm glad you could give Bruno's piece the attention it deserves.  I kind 
of ran out of gas.

> Well, thus ends my critical marathon of the 'not a checkered plane'
> POV-Rally. Hope you all enjoyed it folks; I certainly enjoyed looking at
> (and *seeing*) your images!

Yes, enjoyed getting your "take"   These do take a lot of time, thought 
and energy to write.  Shifting your faculty for empathy across ten 
personalities.  Gives some respect for therapists perhaps.

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