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  Re: Pseudo IRTC - TINA CHeP Entries  
From: St 
Date: 1 Mar 2007 18:58:19
Message: <45e7689b@news.povray.org>
"Jim Charter" <jrc### [at] msncom> wrote in message 

> "Tina entertains the boys at the POV Club"
> Well you are depicting Tina in a bad light, you bum.

   LOL! Well, I thought I'd bring a little light-heartedness to the subject. 

But secretly we
> all love
> her for it, and the scene is one of the most humanistically masterful ones 
> you
> have ever done Steve.  You have allowed understatement to create a very
> realistic effect of a dark, cheezy-bad-lighted club.  You started with the 
> pun on TINA,
> added the checkered reference, and came up with a statement that 
> transcends all
> that.

 Thank you. I kind of meant it that way.

The camera angle is crucial of course.  Perhaps in the end it is
> the POV clubbers that
> are really depicted.

Yep, the camera angle was crucial, and yes, that's us sitting around 
twiddling our thumbs itching to use PoVRay as our renderer for the IRTC.

   Thank you for your comments Jim, always appreciated.


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