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  Re: IRTC viewing  
From: Thorsten Froehlich
Date: 31 Jan 2007 11:09:47
Message: <45c0bf4b$1@news.povray.org>
milco2006 wrote:

> As people may have noticed there is now a viewing page for the irtc Nov-Dec
> round. However having become excited i noticed my image was not among those
> available for viewing despite a submission within plenty of time and such. I
> submitted it by email not through the ftp (it wouldnt work as the network i
> am on at the moment stops me uploading to ftps annoyingly.) Can anyone
> help/ shed any light on why this might have happened? Has anyone else found
> a problem with their image not appearing?

As you may have read in these groups, the admin in charge is not responding
to email. While I have no idea where email submissions go, if they go into
his mailbox, you can imagine why your submission does not appear. If or when
there will be voting possible (note: I am not saying there will be voting
possible, nor that there won't be), you can be sure attempts will be made to
retrieve the email submissions. For now, they won't be there. Sorry!

	Thorsten, POV-Team

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