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  Re: Where to post your final TINA CHeP images.  
From: St 
Date: 28 Jan 2007 18:37:32
Message: <45bd33bc@news.povray.org>
"Bruno Cabasson" <bru### [at] alcatelaleniaspacefr> wrote in message 
> "St." <dot### [at] dotcom> wrote:

> Thanks to you Steve for giving some of your web space! As this 
> 'competition'
> is without ranking, just viewing and commenting, we will need some kind of
> forum where we can see/comment the entries, and exchange opinions and 
> tips.
> How do you see things (maybe it is a naive question, maybe I missed
> something ...). I understood you'll collect the entries (I don't think we
> can say 'submissions'), and how will we see them and discuss?

      Well, thanks Bruno. I've set up a free forum which I'm trying to get 
used to at the moment, so I won't post the URL yet. This forum will be for 
the discussion of the present Pseudo IRTC Stills topic of 'TINA CHeP'. I'll 
post the forum URL as soon as I can. (Read: When I've learnt how to do it!)

> I have another related and naive question: why not use the irtc.stills 
> forum
> to host it? After all, its not really a competition, and we only need an
> open space where to show our work and discuss. Therefore the normal usage
> of irtc.still forum could be OK (for example in a specific thread, created
> short before feb 28th)?

    Yes, I 'do' know what you're saying about the irtc.stills forum. But do 
you not think that it would be 'messy' trailing up and down the threads to 
comment on them? Especially in the webview of the pov groups?


>   Bruno

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