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  Re: Results are in....!  
From: Mike Raiford
Date: 7 Jul 2006 12:23:28
Message: <44ae8a80$1@news.povray.org>
scott wrote:

> Hmm, I think you are restricted your view to POV too much, where you have to 
> do everything by entering text.  There are many other programs (like Wings, 
> Blender, 3D Studio) where you can achieve great, technically brilliant works 
> by not entering a single line of code or script.  If someone had modelled a 
> very complex item in *any* program I would give them high technical merit. 
> It's all about using the right tool for the job, POV SDL is great for some 
> things (eg repeated geometric structures) but totally the wrong tool for 
> others (eg a car). 

I think you missed my point.

The technical merit winner had *no* information on how it was made. They 
may have been very nice models, yes... That deserves artistic merit.

Its hard to me to award technical merit to meshes, unless that mesh was 
developed using some means other than simply a modeller.

Did they take exacting measurements of the object and put the models 
together point-by-point? Did they develop their own textures? materials? 
effects? Write shaders? (OOH, that's not POVRAY at all!). Do they have 
their own work flow tools? They left no information, and yet somehow 
managed to pull off a technical merit score. The image was even rendered 
with POVRay!

I see nothing in the image, nor the description that stands out. Its a 
good image artistically, and deserved to place, just not as technical 
merit. Nothing out of the ordinary was achieved. UV-Mapped textures and 
modelling that anyone with experience in a modeler does not earn 
technical merit. The image is not groundbreaking. They used several 
tools, but none of their own.


Things! Billions of them!

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