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  Re: Protocol for "blogging" an IRTC image.  
From: Verm
Date: 16 Jan 2006 05:46:15
Message: <43cb7977$1@news.povray.org>
Greg M. Johnson wrote:
> Other sites like flickr have established in their TOS that when you submit a
> photo to them, it is blogg-able by anyone unless you say otherwise.  Now
> the IRTC probably says the exact opposite somewhere.
> But is there any reasonable way to "blog" an image, where I say something
> like, "hey look at what Jimmy did here?"
If you can't get permission from the artist (or don't want the hassle) 
then you are not allowed to copy the whole image.

However I *think* you can use a reduced size image to link to the irtc 
entry (thumbnail links seem to have been approved in the US) or you 
could take a cropped portion of the image.

If you use a cropped thumbnail to link to the original image then I 
can't see anyone would want to complain and I'm pretty sure they'd have 
no legal grounds to complain either.

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