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  Re: Request?  
From: St 
Date: 15 Jan 2006 00:36:07
Message: <43c9df47@news.povray.org>
"Tek" <tek### [at] evilsuperbraincom> wrote in message 
>I second that motion! I was rather frustrated judging this round because I 
>couldn't tell if certain entries were by newbies trying hard or more 
>experienced people who were hardly trying. This greatly affects how I write 
>my comments, though doesn't really affect my scoring.

  Exactly! It's not hard to score, (well...), but commenting becomes a 
hassle to the point where I've deleted some of my comments. I don't want to 
'talk down' to someone with better experience than myself, (and there are 
*many* out there), but at the same time, I know I can offer valid comments 
to less experienced than me, but I just don't know who they are. Some 
indication of experience would help a lot with commenting.

> Usually I just deduce it from the description, a detailed description 
> usually means a lot of effort went in, a short one usually means the 
> entrant is being lazy... but not always. This time I noticed a bunch of 
> entries that seem to be related (possibly a class of schoolkids entered, 
> as has happened before), and none of them provided much info in the text 
> files, but I guess they were all newbies so I tried to leave good 
> comments.

 At the very least, I think every entrant should *have* to reply to the 

> Also, I think experience is more relevant than age, there's plenty of old 
> noobs :)

  True, and with my experience, I'll put myself in that bracket, ;o) but I'm 
finding it difficult to comment on this round, to say the least.


> -- 
> Tek
> http://evilsuperbrain.com
> "St." <dot### [at] dotcom> wrote in message news:43c40420@news.povray.org...
>> Is it possible that the term/s 'AGE:' and/or 'EXPERIENCE:' could be added 
>> to the submission text file?
>>  My reason for this is that sometimes one can view an image, and you 
>> really can't judge it depending on the image submitted - sometimes the 
>> image 'feels' like it's from someone fairly experienced, but you really 
>> don't know if they meant to try a 'cartoony' or 'serious' image or not, 
>> (unless they explain under the 'how this image was created' title), or 
>> they may lack experience, but produce quite a 'grown-up' (for want of a 
>> better term), image for their age. (In which case, I would also like to 
>> praise them).
>>   Personally, if there is a 12 year old submitting an image, (is there an 
>> age limit?), and putting some effort into a subject, then I would like to 
>> know this and help them, (comment), in whatever capacity I can, and judge 
>> accordingly.
>>   Just a thought.
>>   ~Steve~

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