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From: Ross
Date: 10 Nov 2005 13:55:59
Message: <437397bf$1@news.povray.org>
"Tek" <tek### [at] evilsuperbraincom> wrote in message
> I've had a few ideas. Feel free to borrow one of these:
> 1/ a series of objects with a silhouette of a cartoon character carved out
> of them, as if he's run through them at high speed.

That's a pretty good idea, and you could probably get quick and decent
results using hand drawn (assuming you can draw decently) height fields as
the objects the character has run through. I imagining some bugs bunny
cartoon where someone runs through 4 walls, only to result in a "splat" at
the last wall which was brick.

A tough part would be getting the scene set up from the right place. It's a
lot easier to convey that he's run through 4 walls with motion and sound,
but a still shot of the results could be hard. The camera might need to be
pretty close to the first hole so it almost entirely frames the image so
there's enough room to look through the wall to the next room where he rant
through the next wall.

> 2/ a motion blurred car chase (okay that's basically the same as your

boat chase/race would be more interesting with all the water
reflections/refractions and spray kicked up. probably easier with less parts
to model on a boat than a car.

> 3/ a mouse in a field looking up, about to start running, with the shadow
> a hawk cast on the ground nearby.

that's good too. a rabbit might convey more speed, and it's ears could be
good visual indicators of something wrong.

an adaptain of "The Tortoise and the Hare" (i think Bugs Bunny is stuck in
my head now)... a turtle with a rocket strapped to it's shell. heh, anything
with a rocket strapped to it ;)

I wish i had the patience and time to stick to practicing 3d modelling. I
think i'd make a turtle with a rocket.

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