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  Re: Rules violations?  
From: =Bob=
Date: 10 Nov 2004 08:32:47
Message: <4192187f@news.povray.org>
"James A Coons" <jac### [at] ameritechnet> wrote in message

: One entry in the "Toys and Games" competition indicated that the contrast
: was adjusted, which to me was a violation of the rules. Consequently, I
: gave it a low rating. The resulting "contrast-adjusted" image might produce
: an image that would be impossible to achieve directly within the renderer,
: which should be one criteria for exclusion of the post-processing.

Then you might not have not judged fairly. I would believe judges
should be aware of the rules, from irtc:

Images must not be enhanced or altered ('post-processed') by use of
paint programs such as PhotoShop(tm) etc. There are exceptions to
this rule:

You may convert images to JPEG format.

You may add text information (name, title, email address, copyright.
etc...) to your image.

You may gamma-correct and contrast/brightness adjust the image.


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