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  Re: Rules violations?  
From: Warp
Date: 5 Nov 2004 16:04:59
Message: <418beafb@news.povray.org>
The Mad Hatter <the### [at] hotmailcom> wrote:
> Ahem..  Why on earth would re-sizing not be allowed?

  First you ask a question and then you answer it yourself:

>  There are still render
> engines out there that do not support AA very well and the only way to get
> decent results without major post processing is to render out large and
> then size down.

  And that's exactly why it should be prohibited.

  The spirit of the competition forbids using post-processing that enhances
the quality of the image generated by the renderer.

  Again: This is a rendering competition, not a computer graphics
competition. The entries should be direct results of the renderer,
not direct results of photoshop.

>  I find your other points, a little worrisome when
> wondering what your own 3D work looks like.  NO offence.

  You seem to miss the point.
  How many times do I have to repeat that the IRTC is not a computer
graphics competition?

  A computer graphics competition has the ideology of "hey, look at
what I can do with my computer, with whatever tools I like".
  A rendering competition has the ideology of "hey, look at what I
can do with this renderer".
  If image-enhancing post-processing is allowed, the latter ideology
gets broken. It simply becomes a generic computer graphics competition.

#macro M(A,N,D,L)plane{-z,-9pigment{mandel L*9translate N color_map{[0rgb x]
[1rgb 9]}scale<D,D*3D>*1e3}rotate y*A*8}#end M(-3<1.206434.28623>70,7)M(
-1<.7438.1795>1,20)M(1<.77595.13699>30,20)M(3<.75923.07145>80,99)// - Warp -

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