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  Re: Rules violations?  
From: Warp
Date: 5 Nov 2004 05:26:19
Message: <418b554b@news.povray.org>
The Mad Hatter <the### [at] hotmailcom> wrote:
> I do
> think color correction SHOULD be used, as well as other techniques as that
> is how it is done professionaly.

  But this is a rendering contest, not a computer graphics contest. There's
a big difference.

  I still strongly oppose the principle of the IRTC team that rescaling
an image should be allowed. In fact, I don't like brightness/contrast
adjusting being allowed either.
  Those things can be used to dramatically increase the quality of the
rendered image, thus what you see is *not* what you get from the renderer,
but what you get from photoshop when you start applying filters to a
rendered image.

  If quality-increasing post-processing is partially allowed, why have
artificial limits? Why not allow *anything*? Why not make IRTC a generic
computer graphics competition?

  IMO the spirit of the competition dictates that no post-processing
whatsoever should be allowed (except for the one single thing which is
a must: a rendered image should be able to be converted to JPG format
with a third-party tool, but *that's all*).
  IMO allowing some types of post-processing and not other types is
arbitrary, artificial and against the spirit of the IRTC.

  But who am I talking to, anyways? The IRTC team does not listen.
They have decided their own way and there's no way in Earth that can
be changed.

#macro N(D)#if(D>99)cylinder{M()#local D=div(D,104);M().5,2pigment{rgb M()}}
N(D)#end#end#macro M()<mod(D,13)-6mod(div(D,13)8)-3,10>#end blob{
N(11117333955)N(4254934330)N(3900569407)N(7382340)N(3358)N(970)}//  - Warp -

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