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  Re: Floyd  
From: Francois Labreque
Date: 3 Sep 2004 08:02:28
Message: <41385d54$1@news.povray.org>
Program ended abnormally on 02/09/2004 18:15, Due to a catastrophic Peter Duthie 
> There are too many renderer artifacts for it to be a photograph.  Look 
> at the aliasing around the edge of the flamingo and in the waves closer 
> to the horizon.  Notice that there are no secondary ripples in the water 
> around the legs of the flamingo.  Note that the underside of the 
> flamingo doesn't appear to be lit by the reflection of the light from 
> the water.

Sounds like a photoshop job to me.  The white line on the back of the flamingo 
is either a really stunning work of the light going through its feathers or an 
ordinary cropping job.  Since, as you point out, there are other deficiencies 
with the lighting, I'm temped to go for the latter.

I hope I'm wrong though...

/*Francois Labreque*/#local a=x+y;#local b=x+a;#local c=a+b;#macro P(F//
/*    flabreque    */L)polygon{5,F,F+z,L+z,L,F pigment{rgb 9}}#end union
/*        @        */{P(0,a)P(a,b)P(b,c)P(2*a,2*b)P(2*b,b+c)P(b+c,<2,3>)
/*   videotron.ca  */}camera{orthographic location<6,1.25,-6>look_at a }

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