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From: Tek
Date: 3 Sep 2004 02:28:04
Message: <41380ef4$1@news.povray.org>
Well, I concluded that the building could be rendered, but if it was rendered
the camera would be placed closer to it or at some more interesting angle. In
fact the only explanation I could find for the angle of the shot was that it was
taken by hand on a cheap camera. Of course that may be a *really* clever way to
make a photorealistic CG picture, but it's infinitely more likely that actually
there's no CG at all.


"Skip Talbot" <Ski### [at] aolcom> wrote in message
> I would have guessed he just didn't understand the rules.  But I see he took
> the time to put down that he used 3DSMAX.  Now could the building actually
> be rendered?  I know the sky is definitely a photo.
> Skip

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