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  Re: Some desert topic ideas.  
From: Arlo J
Date: 24 Aug 2004 00:02:39
Message: <412abddf@news.povray.org>
nomail@nomail wrote:

>   But I have also found a problem with a the idea of lifelessness.  One can
> *expect* life in the most desolate areas.  The only area which is truly
> lifeless on a large scale is Antartica.  All other areas have their
> ecosystems, even if only lichens or insects.  So, *is* there any place
> which is a desert?

Even antartica isn't lifeless. I just read an article (can't remember 
which random magazine) which discussed the debate between Americans and 
Russians over accessing a liquid late underneath antartica that is the 
size of Lake Ontario. Samples from the frozen (sub-ice) surface indicate 
life... there is a huge debate.

So many "lifeless places" on Earth hold some sort of "life" (depending 
on your definition...) :D

Arlo J

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