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From: St 
Date: 15 Feb 2004 05:59:55
Message: <402f512b@news.povray.org>
"Jim Charter" <jrc### [at] msncom> wrote in message
> St. wrote:

> >     Four comps a year instead of five? More time, better images?
> > more people?

   Sorry, I did mean six.


 > Also, extending the period might lead to a vicious cycle, entries
> become even more ambitious so that competitive entries would still
> require a huge time commitment.  However, as you point out, with the
> increased capacity of POV-Ray alone, perhaps greater ambition should
> accommodated.  Early release of the topic was experimented with in
> "Horror" round.  As I recall the results were mixed, and the
> was never repeated.  Personally I thought that was a shame.  I
> the idea had potential and didn't really understand why it was so
> dismissed. I think it was because it didn't seem to make much
> difference. It really didn't result in the better images everyone
> hoping for. I didn't participate in the debate much I'll admit.  At
> time my skill level was so low that the issue was largely irrelevant
to me.

    Ah, I missed that, (got my PC in 2000), but I've just had a look
at the Horror round, and I don't see anything that's majorly different
to any other round, but perhaps in this round, more people actually
*did* submit something rather than not? I guess we'll never know.

> But not only has POV-Ray and other tools become more powerful and
> more potential for expression, it is often at the cost of time.
> Hormann's isosurface landscapes are an example. Sophisticated use of
> media is often laborious in a short entry period.  Mesh modelling is
> also now possible in the freeware space and opens up further
> possibilities.  It may also be true that some participants have
> a skill level where greater ambition may be required to engage their
> interest.  While time management strategies are a significant aspect
> measure of skill level, it is not the only one.


> I started out with the believe that I would conclude against your
> only to find I have talked myself into it!  Or at least some version
> it.  Perhaps more experimenting.  Early release of topics, or of
> selected topics during the year, or of topics for additional longer
> contests? Perhaps a long/short cycle, three months followed by one
> in any given four month period? It may in fact be time to consider
> there is a next level we can get to.
> Thanks for raising the discussion Steve.

  Well, I think it's a valid option to consider again, for sure. I
love participating in the IRTC, and when I can't submit something, and
then I look at the images that have been submitted, I always say to
myself; "Why didn't I do something like that?", or "Damn, that's what
I should have done, but in a different way". It frustrates me.

  Anyway, hopefully, I'll have something to submit this time.  ;)


> -Jim

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