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From: St 
Date: 15 Feb 2004 05:59:54
Message: <402f512a@news.povray.org>
"Shay" <sah### [at] simcopartscom> wrote in message
> St. wrote:
> >     I don't mind two months, but it sure gets tricky towards the
> > end...  ;)
> >
> I know all about your problem, Steve. I think that one thing you and
I have
> in common is the desire to play architect to every building,
engineer to
> every vehicle, and god to every bird and bug in a picture. Makes for
> great hobby, but doesn't get anything done quickly.

    Yes, because strangely enough, we're learning how to use PoV and
associated programs ALL the time - in my experience, a LOT of
experimenting* goes on before I'm even happy with what I've got, and
then of course, you have to think of 'how' you're going to implement
it in your scene.

  *For instance, I've only been using Wings for about a month now, and
my Wings folder is 243Mb's - that's 42 Wings files and other
associated files - and that boils down to 4 images, 2 completed, 2

> The one professional artist I know works at a very high level. He
has a huge
> library of objects which he has learned to draw. He is creative with
> combination of objects rather than with each individual element.

    You're right of course, and that's also what I've been failing
with. Imagination plays a big part, (and I have a good imagination),
but sometimes you're limited with what you can do in a scene because
of the 'experimenting' that goes on. I have to say though, that I do
like the idea of knowing a topic in advance simply so that you can
'chew' on an idea - if you cock it up - well, that's you're own fault


>  -Shay

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