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  More decay  
From: gonzo
Date: 8 Dec 2003 01:55:18
Message: <3fd42056@news.povray.org>
Forgotten neighborhood:  This was my #2 pick.  Hildur does a great job,
especially on the radiosity.  Very natural look to the shadows.  Good detail
in the broken windows & the rusting railings.  My only complaint was as I
noted in my comment, that the ground looked too clean.

Crescent:  Original concept.  Breathtaking image.  The sense of motion is
explosive, and the highly detailed surface contrasts with the motion to
create a convincing freeze frame of violence in action.  The camera
gridlines in the corners hint of an involved observer, both urgent and

One more day: A very humanistic perspective on the topic. The rich immersive
textures, the polished relections in the clock and pills, and the optical
distortion of the glasses, the water glass and the teeth all draw the viewer
into a tactile exploration of the scene.  Great job Txemi.

Spoiled earth:  A serious take on the topic, very well done.  Lighting &
texturing are excellent.  Leaves me with a serious isosurface envy...

Old barn:  Good job all around.  The feel of musty disuse is there.  Car
looks great.  Top marks for concept, this is what I was expecting to see
more of in the round.

Puddle:  This image has some excellent elements, particularly the rocks, but
doesn't quite come together for me.  The water could be "wetter" and I think
the camera angle and lighting could be better arranged to give more of a wet
look to the leaves, which would strengthen the sense of decay.

Failed Dream:  Good  lighting & texturing. Didn't immediately make me think
"Bryce".  The black & white render adds a sense of starkness & age that
works well with the topic.

Scottish ruins:  A lovely image, although didn't really say anything to me.
Are ruin and decay the same thing?  These are ruins, but the decay is
static...   Looks more like a postcard.  Good postcard though.

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