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  Re: Architecture...Some Notes  
From: Tek
Date: 13 Jun 2003 14:22:19
Message: <3eea165b$1@news.povray.org>
"Jim Charter" <jrc### [at] aolcom> wrote in message
> Simplicity
> One wants to be cautious when interpreting Veijo Vilva's
> finely crafted entry.  Previous entries indicate there is
> always a great deal of thought put into them and a
> meticulous craftmanship to the modelling and
> texturing.  This craftmanship lends a sense of density
> to the scene which is balanced by the fastidious placement
> of objects and overall spareness of the composition.
> The lines of the architecture are rectilinear with the picture plane.
> The setting is idealized, an unreal sky meets the edge of
> an artificial pool.  Immaculate instruments for music
> stand on a thin stage above the water.
> There is a feeling of reduction, of elemental juxtaposition.
> There is spartan form and lavish texture, dense sky and flickering
> caustics, transparent textures and opaque reflections.
> Simplicity?  I'm not so sure.

I understand what you're saying, but for me this image didn't really say much
about architecture. The modelling is very detailed, and the perfection of
everything seems deliberate, rather than just a side effect of it being CG,
which I like. But the architectural elements of the scene seem almost ill
thought-out. Like someone spent ages modelling really nice objects, then built a
basic scene to house them in, to get it on topic.

Obviously the argument against that is the architecture in this image is meant
to be very simple. I guess my point is that it looks not so much like a simple
building, and more like simple modelling. There's a difference there because I
don't get the feeling much thought has gone into the architecture itself, it's
simply been constructed in a way that was easy in pov to house the impressive
objects and to layout the picture in a nice way. It doesn't look designed to
fulfil a purpose as architecture.

Plus I really have a problem with that sky texture. Again, it doesn't look to me
like "an unreal sky", it looks more like a flat procedural texture. Something
simple to construct in pov rather than a simple surreal ideal.

It's a nice picture, but just doesn't interpret the topic in a way that I like.


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