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  Architecture...Some Notes  
From: Jim Charter
Date: 12 Jun 2003 22:11:49
Message: <3ee932e5@news.povray.org>

The vibrant colors and tidy handling gives this
picture a slightly unreal gaiety. A warmth
in contrast to a subject normally thought of as dreary
even derelick.  These rowhouses seem
homey, in a way, inviting.

It is a little like English painter, L. S. Lowry,
finding some humanity in the dismal trappings of industrial

The Castle of Saulxures

I thought this was an impressive first entry to the contest.
The scene is well framed with a beautiful, understated
harmony of saturated cools and warm grays, and is nicely
completed with a realistic sky and pretty grass.  The
approach to the topic is personal and poetic, to recreate
the appearance of a now dilapidated chateau.  And indeed
it comes back to life in this picture.

Futuristic Tower

This picture defines "futuristic" as dynamic, machinelike,
and having a certain inscrutible randomness.  The sky and
framing of the view gives the picture a very dramatic
atmosphere.  The color harmony, along a yellow-purple
axis, adds to the unease.


One wants to be cautious when interpreting Veijo Vilva's
finely crafted entry.  Previous entries indicate there is
always a great deal of thought put into them and a
meticulous craftmanship to the modelling and
texturing.  This craftmanship lends a sense of density
to the scene which is balanced by the fastidious placement
of objects and overall spareness of the composition.

The lines of the architecture are rectilinear with the picture plane.
The setting is idealized, an unreal sky meets the edge of
an artificial pool.  Immaculate instruments for music
stand on a thin stage above the water.

There is a feeling of reduction, of elemental juxtaposition.
There is spartan form and lavish texture, dense sky and flickering
caustics, transparent textures and opaque reflections.

Simplicity?  I'm not so sure.


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