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From: Shay
Date: 4 Jun 2003 11:02:50
Message: <3ede0a1a@news.povray.org>
"James Moore" <jtm### [at] bellsouthnet> wrote in message

| This is kind of awkward for me, but I intended for the buildings to
| Originally, I planned to put the trash in the back along
| the fence, move the door closer to the camera and make a soft,
| comfortable interior to the buildings.

I think that this might be necessary to convey your meaning. If the
buildings are meant to represent society, something needs to communicate
that the man does not belong there. He looks now like he might have just
walked out of any of the houses. If you wanted to get just a little
abstract, you could raise the windows above eye level to emphasize the
man's exclusion even more.

| I wanted the man to come across as sort of an eccentric artist, caring
| only about his creation.  He doesn't need or want things like a fancy
| house or expensive car that many people value so much.

This aspect was well communicated in your picture, except for the artist
part. The man's creation looks more like the product of obsession rather
than creativity.

| I chose the title thinking about the architecture of society and that
| people like this man are often overlooked as many people seem to judge
| others by thier enviroment rather than thier potential and alot of
| but non-mainstream art and music go unnoticed. I was hoping it would
| evoke questions as to who is suffering the greater loss - society for
| missing out on the creation or the overlooked person for missing out
| on society.

An excellent concept, but what is missing from the picture is any
display of virtuosity from the outcast. True, few people may have the
patience to build a stack of cards like this, but few people can stand
on their heads, and I don't think society is worse for not seeing
someone stand on their head. The cards do fit nicely with the subject of
architecture, however.

I don't mean to come off sounding overly critical. Two months is not a
lot of time to express such a complex concept. It looks to me like you
have created a very solid foundation on which the intricate structure
you have conceived can be built.


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