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From: gonzo
Date: 1 Jun 2003 01:12:48
Message: <3ed98b50@news.povray.org>
Jim Charter <jrc### [at] aolcom> wrote in message
> The frailty of the human psyche can lead to madness and desolation.
> Is it this frailty, or that of individual aspiration that is
> mocked by the castle of cards?  From the text, "beauty can be found
> in the most unlikely places." we can infer that the artist meant to the
> scene to be sentimental or poignant.  That the castle of cards
> represents the beauty hidden within the overlooked soul.  I applaud the
> attempt here  to explore the topic beyond merely presenting a piece of
> architecture.
> -Jim

This one definitely expanded on the concept well, and got well away from the
straight buildings that seemed to predominate.

I found the scoring in this round quite interesting in the number of entries
with wide extremes between artistic, technical & concept.  In every round
there are a few with one category standing out from the other two, but this
round there seemed to be a lot, both high and low.
Usually the wider spreads fall toward the lower end of the overall scoring,
but in this round 7 of the top 20 have a spread over 1 1/2 points, and 2,
including the winner, have a spread over 2 points.


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