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  Re: TC-RTC to close down in 2017 - Announcement  
From: Normand Briere
Date: 7 Mar 2017 15:35:00
Message: <web.58bf17d72f3b8d1020c415420@news.povray.org>
> @Normand: Yes, it cannot be assured that every entrant will have his images at
> the new site. But it would be convenient, to give you a general permission to
> copy the data to your site. I would like to do so, to save the time to upload
> all my poor content again.

Yes Michael, you are right, and I also thought about it. One way could
collect all user permissions and perform automatic extraction for these
users only. The email address is the key for this. If "support" receives
a confirmation from a user, we can transfer all the images of the TC_RTC
member corresponding to the email address the request has been sent from.

However, there are many destinations for transferring the pictures: the
user profile (private, no round), the Tina Chep profile (public, one group
per round), the picture gallery user category (private, no round), and/or
the public picture gallery round category.

The upcoming challenges will use the picture gallery structure (e.g.

> And last: if a new site will be created, the voting system should be questioned.
> E.g. since all software is allowed, the technical voting makes no sense to me.

The current rating system does not allow for more than one vote per image.
So the appreciation is simply one value from 1 to 20 overall with no category.
It makes things plain and simple.


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