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  Re: Not IRTC but Tina Chep  
From: TawnyOwl
Date: 30 Jun 2011 15:35:00
Message: <web.4e0ccf883bc17b1dcf3cad120@news.povray.org>
> Well at the moment the current voting is for Earth Trembled, The (by
> Roe, Edward Payson, 1838-...
> It will be the weekend before I can do anything.
Hi Stephen,

many thanks again. Especially at the weekend and the following week I will have
no access to the net because I will spent a short holiday at a very rural part
of Germany, a very small village called Rech. They have a lot of red wine there,
but no (fast) internet-connections. Don't be sure, but I think I can hear your
sigh of relief that I will not bother you again so soon ;-)

So I can give this novel a try (over 250 pages after copying it from Project
Gutenberg to Word). At the moment I'm stuck with chapter III which is very hard
for a non native speaker. I really like to read english novels (mainly fantasy
like Feist, Wurts, Goodkind or Tolkien but also Doyle, Poe, Shakespeare or
Dickens to name some authors) but in this case, I could only skip the rest of
the chapter. But I think the topic is not so literally bounded to the book...

Thanks and regards,

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