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  Re: IRTC Status  
From: Bruno Cabasson
Date: 14 Mar 2007 08:40:01
Message: <web.45f7f9d0463ebb8ff5fba6ef0@news.povray.org>
"Hildur K." <hil### [at] 3dcafemailevery1net> wrote:
> Sabrina Kilian <ykg### [at] vtedu> wrote:
> > Imagine that IRTC was your project, and something came up in your life
> > that prevented you from even having internet access. And when you got
> > back online, you found that other people had taken over your project.
> > It's not something many people would be comfortable with. Since the IRTC
> > admin can't be contacted, no one can even ask if they would like someone
> > to take over for them for a while.
> >
> > For a stand in competition, check the news://irtc.stills where there is
> > talk of another website that should keep us busy for the time being.

> contacted for several months, you would be keenly aware how the situation
> affects other people. You SHOULD be expecting others to take over, at least
> temporarily.

> almost FIVE months and THREE rounds of silence. And this happening on top of
> repeated delays in the past. Which you should also be aware of.
> This person cannot possibly expect the whole world to go to standstill, just

> If this admin cannot be contacted, then it most probably is because he

> telegram or use smoke signals or whatever means he has at his disposal!
> Maybe at some point the IRTC was his precious baby, but right now it seems
> that this baby has been abandoned BY EVERYONE.

> responsibility, you just have to let go and entrust other people with it.


> aware of the implications of real life. I, myself, would never volunteer for
> this kind of long term commitment, I know so well how sudden changes can
> disrupt your life one way or the other.
> All I want is the IRTC to be put back in action. A whole bunch of skilled
> people have repeatedly volunteered to help out and take on the

> People are kindly asking for a permission to put their effort in the
> continuity of the IRTC, but there is NOBODY THERE to give permission.
> It all boils down to a very simple reason, there is nobody in charge!

> The question remains, WHAT can be done and by WHOM? Who is willing to cut
> the crap and give the green light so we can all go on nurturing out
> precious little baby, the IRTC?
> Who started this competition originally? Who "owns" it?
> If nothing is done, we are just going be kept in uncertainty forever.....
> Hildur Kolbrun

In Sabrina's and Hildur's points of view we have the core of the problem: is
it long enough for us to take over the IRTC?

case 1: no. We can give a little longer the benefit of doubt, and give the
        admins  a chance to explain what happened. Why would reasonable
        people (as I think they could be) disappear so suddenly without
        good reason? We have a subject to occupy us for the next 6 weeks ...

case 2: yes. We consider the situation has lasted already too long, and we
        must act now. Whatever can be the reason of the admins'
        (non-) behaviour, we give ourselves the right to set up any
        competition we want, with any form, with anybody who agrees
        with this. People here have already spent time for the new

(Question: What if Steve and other kind volunteers spend a lot more time
setting up the site the competition in a rush AND the IRTC admins are back
next month? What is the probability of this event? What about the notions
of 'right', 'ownership' and 'respect'?)

Today, my opinion is that we can 'wait' until end of April (Pseudo-IRTC
'Before and After' round), but prepare for an eventual new competition,
with a relatively smooth transition. Every day makes the probabilty of a
reply from the admins tend to zero. This would allow volunteers (thanks to
them) not to have too much pressure on them, with all the community staring
at them and awaiting them to finish.

So, no rush for preparing the new IRTC until end of April, just make it
feasible, but 'prepare' the future. If no news at this date, then we'll
consider the old IRTC definitively dead for us, whatever happens with the
admins after that, and we (Steve ...) have two extra months to make the new
competition work fine.


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