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  TC-RTC to close down in 2017 - Announcement  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 6 Mar 2017 03:32:28
Message: <58bd1e9c$1@news.povray.org>
Ten years ago, Steve Paget took the initiative to launch the TC-RTC as a 
– temporary – replacement for the IRTC, after a vivid discussion by 
concerned participants to the legendary defunct competition. During 
those ten years, we have witnessed the much regretted and untimely death 
of Steve in 2010, but also a succession of successful competitions, or 
challenges as Steve preferred to call them, yielding some of the most 
striking examples of computer graphics generated images.

When Stephen and I took over in 2010, we did not expect to be still 
here, ten years after the first competition. We have seen some 
fluctuations in the enthusiasm and readiness to contribute new work to 
the challenges. Indeed, the concept introduced by Steve for using book 
titles as competition headers has often been met with some confusion. 
Maybe we should have innovated at some time but we were keen to continue 
Steve's work and in his spirit.

However, after seven years of running the TC-RTC site, Stephen and I 
have come to the decision that we do not want to continue indefinitely. 
So we have decided to call it a day and to close down the site in the 
course of 2017. The times have changed and we do not expect that anyone 
is ready to take over our job and instil new life in the TC-RTC but if 
anybody feels the urge to do just that, he or she is welcome to contact us.

There is however, an alternative to the TC-RTC in the making. Normand 
Brière, aka DrNo, a stalwart member and participant of the TC-RTC, has 
already launched and alternative forum 
[http://dev.noware.ca/index.php/en-us/forums/tc-rtc ] replacing the 
troubled TC-RTC one [http://tinachepforum.forumup.co.uk/]. He is 
planning to launch a new competition site when the current TC-RTC closes 
down. More information on that later. The current TC-RTC forum will 
remain active for the time being to enable comments and questions. 
However, it will be closed down later this year, and before the TC-RTC site.

The timetable for the remaining challenges in 2017 is as follows:

Challenge 1: After the current challenge, one last challenge will be 
proposed, running from May till August. *Remember that there are still 
two months left for the current challenge 'Anniversary'!*

Challenge 2: Three challenges of two months each will be proposed, 
ending in August.

In September, both challenges will stop. However, the site will remain 
up till the end of the year at least.

Remains for us to thank you all for your commitment and support.

Thomas and Stephen

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