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  Re: Renewed homepage Voting problem  
From: Stephen
Date: 25 Jan 2015 19:09:23
Message: <54c585b3$1@news.povray.org>
On 25/01/2015 23:34, Christian Froeschlin wrote:
> On 25.01.2015 21:31, Stephen wrote:
>> And it is appreciated. :-)
> BTW I don't think I got an email notification for start of voting
> period as I usually get for challenge 1. Is this intentional?

That is a manual operation and I think that we forgot because it was 
part of user testing.
Sorry, sorry, please forgive us. ;-)

>> Not at the moment. But if you can describe how our developer could
>> implement what you want, with still the option to read the description.
>> I will put it to him.
> In the simplest case there could be the "Click here to show
> uploaded (large) image" message that you find on the entry page
> also on the overview page.

Too simple for me. ;-)

> Although my intuitive expectation would be that a click on the
> thumbnail shows the large image. That would leave a click on the entry
> name as link to the entry page, or if that is too subtle to find maybe
> an additional link "View entry details" or somesuch.

Thomas and I will talk this over. In truth we don't want to ask the 
developer for too much as we are lucky when we gets his attention.

> Alternatively if there was an option to download all images as
> a zip that would also be convenient.

Hmm! that is a good idea. In the same vein,  I would like to change the 
voting page as well so that we can vote for everything at once instead 
of one at a time.

But as been mentioned before. The site is almost a charity case. When 
Steve Paget started TC-RTC as a temporary replacement for the IRTC he 
contacted a local web developer to set it up. When Steve died Thomas and 
I took over the running of the site. The cost is a peppercorn rent which 
means that I am wary of asking too much from the developer as he is 
often distant and does not reply to emails. Since we have his attention 
atm and I will certainly put this suggestion to him.



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