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  Re: Renewed homepage Voting problem  
From: Stephen
Date: 25 Jan 2015 15:31:41
Message: <54c552ad$1@news.povray.org>
On 25/01/2015 19:47, Christian Froeschlin wrote:

> Well, I guess after that effort I just had to vote :)
And it is appreciated. :-)

> BTW is there a way to get the full image from the rating overview page
> without going through the entry page with description and everything?

Not at the moment. But if you can describe how our developer could 
implement what you want, with still the option to read the description. 
I will put it to him.

> It seems the process requires a lot of page reloads now for not much
> benefit

Well it is a legacy system designed by a non computer professional.

  (in fact I would usually prefer not to read any description
> before rating unless there is something doubtful in the image).

As an aside. I find is useful to read what the entrant wrote. It helps 
me split the score.



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