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  Re: vote counter , a problem: Do NOT vote yet!  
From: Le Forgeron
Date: 17 Apr 2014 04:21:19
Message: <534f8eff$1@news.povray.org>
Le 05/04/2014 17:01, Thomas de Groot nous fit lire :
> On 5-4-2014 16:41, Le_Forgeron wrote:
>> I got a problem, now that I voted for all the entries of this round
>> (Star, part 2):
>> Use below to vote for 12 of the 13 entries (1 image is yours)
>> You have voted for 13 of the 12 entries
>> (You need to vote for all entries before they are counted)
>> And no, I did not vote for my own entry. 13 / 12 ? where is the hidden
>> one ? the  voting page displays 13 pictures, mine included...
> There currently is an error in the system! It is known to us and has
> been reported to Colin.
> Nobody should be able to vote at this moment as the upload period is not
> over yet. So, whatever happens, consider all votes as temporary and/or
> void.
> We are at this moment working on the upgrade of the site which should be
> effective somewhere in the coming days. We shall then enter a beta
> period in which we shall ask all members to report on errors etc.
> Please be patient. We cross our fingers and hope all is going to
> function according to rules and expectations :-)
> Thomas

Well, now I received an email to vote... I did... and it displays "you
have voted for 22 of the 21 entries".

There is still a problem, somewhere.

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