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  Re: TC_RTC July/August 2012 Challenge: Railway  
From: Stephen
Date: 12 Jul 2012 17:19:35
Message: <4fff3f67$1@news.povray.org>
On 12/07/2012 9:35 PM, jhu wrote:
> Why not make just make tina chep the new irtc.org?
When TC-RTC was started it was meant as a temporary stand in for the 
IRTC. But it has never grabbed the attention of the ray tracing 
community. If you can think of anything that would help promote it. 
Thomas and I would welcome any suggestions.
And just to make it clear, TC-RTC is not associated with Pov-Ray in any 
way other than the administrators are long time users of Pov-Ray. In 
fact the rules were changed to allow any renderer to be used as one of 
the early members built and uses his own system.
It is not just a matter of changing its name. As always there is more to 
the story.
What we need is for lots of people to enter and lots of people to vote 
for the entries.

have a forum as well.
Everyone is welcome.


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