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  Re: Not IRTC but Tina Chep  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 15 Jul 2011 02:57:11
Message: <4e1fe4c7$1@news.povray.org>
On 14-7-2011 22:02, TawnyOwl wrote:
>> It is what the title sparks off in your imagination. :-D
>> Victorian novelists... dreadful IMO
>> --
>> Regards
>>       Stephen
> Again a second though of mine. I noticed that you have dropped the information
> about the author of the text at the Tina CHep-Website this time, possibly due to
> my postings here. Despite the fact that this special text wasn't delighting (to
> me!), the lecture about the photography or the airships was. So I suggest, to
> specify more clearly at the website that only the titles of the books should be
> the source of inspiration but an idea at the contents would be serve as well.
> E.g. I would never came up with the idea to reproduce an old photography with
> POV as Thomas de Groot craftfully did.
> Regards,
> Michael.

Sorry Michael, also my fault because I forgot to insert the authors 
name. I shall do that right away.
It takes some time to make things run smoothly again...


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