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  Re: Bravo  
From: Jim Henderson
Date: 6 Mar 2011 01:21:36
Message: <4d7327f0@news.povray.org>
On Sat, 05 Mar 2011 11:15:32 +0100, Fabien wrote:

> No, it doesn't meet my standard of expecting a very simple website to be
> up and running continuously, neither my standard of either coping with a
> problem or asking for help. That's precisely what a community is about,
> and the current www.irtc.org homepage is quite anti-community, IMO.

As is coming in and intentionally being rude to the community instead of 
being polite and asking "so what's going on here and how can I help make 
things better?"

That would have been a much more constructive way to get things going 

Christian did a much better job of expressing the exact same sentiment.  
You'll notice that nobody is criticizing him for agreeing with you.

I honestly don't particularly care at this point about who you are or 
what you have contributed up until this point.  You lost all credibility 
when you started attacking those who had volunteered their time to fix 
things and then had other life commitments come up.


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