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From: Fabien
Date: 3 Mar 2011 02:16:48
Message: <4d6f4060$1@news.povray.org>
How did you guys MANAGE to get to this situation ?

After the "admins are gone, pschiiiit", now it's
a "software issue", which you don't EVEN consider
to fix.

 From the "bazaar or cathedral", you once chose the
cathedral, and due to the useless secrecy and disdain
for newcomers that could help, now that's a shabby
and ruined cathedral ! I'm talking of POV-Ray, there,
the IRTC being just the most visible victim of that
incredible attitude.

Back to the IRTC, the choice of an obscure Smalltalk-based*
framework, which only ten people in the world are
familiar with, was a recipe for disaster. If only it
allowed a quick rebuild, but, no, it took more than
a year to get something up. Any rookie using PHP could
do it in two days, including me** ! And there are millions
of people that can fix PHP, if needed.

(* don't get me wrong, I'm a Ruby lover, and I know
how beautiful is Smalltalk, but for a rather simple
rendering competition site, efficiency matters most)

(** I did this in seven days :
  php-mysql-based record collection showcase, including
  online encoding of new items)

How bad would it hurt to make a public call to get either
someone to fix the stuff, or a fast rewrite in PHP ?

The "new" IRTC literally sucked, quality-wise, (the images,
not the site), compared to what was produced some years
ago.  Either you should have the guts to pronounce IRTC
dead once and for all, or make that public call to get it
back within less than a month, so it could maybe evolve
again, instead of stepping back like it did.

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