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  Re: Sept-Oct round awarded  
From: David Buck
Date: 22 Nov 2009 17:26:21
Message: <4b09ba8d@news.povray.org>
clipka wrote:
> John Coppens schrieb:
>> - I'm somewhat miffed at the fact I received only one comment (thanks for
>> that one!). I don't participate to win (though I wouldn't mind ;-), but
>> at least I'd like to learn! Without either, I feel little incentive to
>> participate.
> I hate to say this, but something's gone wrong again - at least with the 
> comments: While I did comment several entries, I see only one single of 
> them.
> (Which leads me to the question: If the comments are not registered 
> properly, how can we be sure that the votes are?)

Yes, something is wrong.  This time I do have the original data I can 
use to correct the problem.

There's a bug in a base class library I'm using during the voting 
process.  Last month I put in a work-around for the problem but it turns 
out the workaround still experiences the problem.  I will work at a 
better fix for the problem.

Once the problem is fixed,  I'll re-apply the voting changes which 
should make all the comments appear.  As clipka suggested, it may change 
the voting results as well. I'll check that out once I fix the problem. 
  If there are changes, I may have to re-do the awards for that round. 
This evening, I'll try to revert the awarding to appear as if the round 
wasn't awarded yet.  After the fix, I'll re-run the awarding process.


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