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  Re: IRTC site - round open for voting  
From: David Buck
Date: 9 Nov 2009 20:30:37
Message: <4af8c23d$1@news.povray.org>
David Buck wrote:
> clipka wrote:
>> clipka schrieb:
>>> Some other suggestions:
>>> ...
>> A way to get back from an individual voting page to the voting 
>> overview thumbs would be pretty neat, too.
> I'm going to try getting a version out that replaces the star rater with 
> a simple drop-down box. Obviously the star rater is causing too much grief.
> Sorry for the problems.  I'll do this as quickly as I can but I have to 
> be careful that I don't break anything.
> David Buck

Patch installed.  Try it now.

David Buck

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