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  Re: IRTC site - round open for voting  
From: pan
Date: 6 Nov 2009 20:41:10
Message: <4af4d036@news.povray.org>
John Coppens wrote:
>> On Thu, 05 Nov 2009 23:07:41 -0500
>> David Buck <dav### [at] simberoncom> wrote:
>>> The round is now open for voting.
>> Does anyone else have the problems I have with the 'stars' for
>> voting? They frequently show up as a vertical table of links (very
>> much impossible to vote as the next line of stars overwrites them).
>> I'm running Firefox
>> 3.5.3 here.
>> John

Yes, saw the same effects.
Way too much javascript overhead. The number of files that need to be
downloaded is a bunch.
I usually reloaded two - three times to get a final render.

N.B. - to web developers. If you make each document modifying file
equally critical to the viewing of the web page, then the quality of the
'visitor  experience' is exponentially relative to the msec distance of
transmission. (I.E., what works well on a lan/wan may not be so hot
out there is the world wide cloud.)

Regardless, in true POV spiriit I plunged on to come to within
three votes of completing. Tomorrow will be soon enough.

Am glad there wasn't 120+ entries like a few times before.

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