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  Re: IRTC Status  
From: Paolo Gibellini
Date: 5 Nov 2009 07:58:12
Message: <4af2cbe4$1@news.povray.org>
David, thank you for your work.
I prefer the option 3, is more general. But... have you the time to 
working on? Do you need some help?

 >David Buck  on date 05/11/2009 03:47 wrote:
> Here's an update on the status of the IRTC site:
> The site is once again operational after a few days of being down.  The 
> problem was that I was trying to install a new version of the software 
> for the site but a recent upgrade of the operating system left some 
> critical Unix commands not working.  I couldn't proceed with the upgrade 
> until that was repaired.
> I haven't yet opened the current round for voting.  I need to submit 
> several entries that didn't make it in time because of server problems 
> on the last night of the round.  I also want to do some more testing of 
> the voting process to make sure it's ready.
> The last round exposed a serious bug in the voting process.  As many of 
> you noticed, comments were clipped after the first line. I had put in 
> measures to make sure that the votes were all recorded along with the 
> comments.  A combination of problems conspired to lose the original 
> comments.  All I had left was the first line of each comment. I 
> sincerely apologize for this problem.  It was a combination of CR/LF 
> translations on different operating systems along with a reboot of the 
> server and a third bug in the way the votes were loaded back into the 
> system that caused the problem.  These problems have been fixed in the 
> current version of the software.
> I now have a dilemma.  The comments for the last round are frequently 
> useless and deceiving when only the first line is displayed.  I have 
> several options:
>     1) Leave the comments as they are
>     2) Delete the comments completely for that round
>     3) Add software to allow users go back and edit or re-enter the 
> comments for that round.
> Your opinions on the above options would be appreciated.
> All this is coming at a time when I've become super busy with real life. 
>  I'll be talking to Chris Cason to come up with a game plan for keeping 
> the site going smoothly even if I don't have time to work on it. For a 
> while, I had a second volunteer who was looking into problems, but he's 
> become busy as well.  When we have a plan, we'll let you know.
> For now, please give me a few more days before opening the round for 
> voting.  I want to make sure it's working properly and that we won't 
> have a repeat of any of the previous problems.
> Thanks and my apologies for the problems with the site.
> David Buck

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